The vision of Carrboro UMC is soul-tending.

Carrboro UMC:  Where soul-tending happens.
  •  By soul we mean a whole person  (body, mind, spirit), living in right  relationship to God and neighbor.
  • By tending we mean that we seek to be a people and place where people can live deeply soulful lives together to become a blessing to one another, our community, and the world.
Carrboro UMC: A place to tend your soul.
Soul Advance is our starting place for Christian formation – the Christian community in worship.  In worship we are part of the body of Christ before God and with other seekers and believers.  At Carrboro UMC we draw from a wide and deep and broad Christian tradition of liturgy and music to create worship experiences that answer life’s deep questions, bring us to a better understanding of Scripture, and allow us to draw close to God in prayer. 
Soul Building offers visitors and newcomers a variety of opportunities to discover more about Carrboro UMC through discussions with the pastor and special events designed to connect us to our community.
 Soul Café invites you to grow closer to Christ and to others through intentional small groups.  Bible study, choir, and Sunday School are all examples of small groups; we will create other types of small groups for those who wish to get to know other CUMC members for prayer, support, and deepening relationships.
 Soul Delivery allows us to follow Jesus into the world to bring, proclaim, and be good news to our community and the world.  You might think of words like outreach or mission to describe Soul Delivery – it can be a one-time event such as Stop Hunger Now or an on-going commitment to support the ministry of Interfaith Council (IFC) or participating in a Disciple Bible Outreach ministry in a prison. 

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